Your Life Can Change Drastically In A Single Moment...
Mine did!

I went from nearly bankrupt to a millionaire in only six months with Real Estate investing. I’ve learned a lot and am on a mission to empower others to become financially free, so they can also make a HUGE positive difference in the world. This is my story.

Savannah Ross aka "Rich Mom"

Today, I’m a very successful real estate investor. I have many accomplishments under my belt, including my philanthropic work; however, my life wasn’t always this way.

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The extraordinary journey through Real Estate Investing continues for Savannah “Rich Mom” Ross. During her events she discusses how the strategies that she used to create financial freedom for herself and her family with Real Estate have held up. Join Canada's millionaire real estate investor, Savannah Ross, known to everyone as 'Rich Mom', for some empowering advice on how to make it happen even in this tough economy at these events.
Here you can find out more about how Savannah “Rich Mom” Ross has been able to help thousands of people live their dreams by using Real Estate Investing as their vehicle to freedom.