About Savannah Ross

Savannah Rich Mom Ross

Your Life Can Change Drastically In A Single Moment…Mine did

I went from nearly bankrupt to a millionaire in only six months with Real Estate investing.

I’ve learned a lot and am on a mission to empower others to become financially free, so they can also make a HUGE positive difference in the world. This is my story.

Savannah Ross  aka “Rich Mom”

Today, I’m a very successful real estate investor. I have many accomplishments under my belt, including my philanthropic work; however, my life wasn’t always this way.

My story began six years ago when I was a self-employed makeup artist working part-time. My husband at the time was a schoolteacher, and we had a mortgage, an RRSP, and a monthly car payment. Together, we managed to pay our bills each month somehow, and we thought we were financially intelligent and responsible. Yet, we couldn’t understand how our friends could afford boats, vacations, and designer clothes.
Suddenly, our lives turned into a whirlwind and we dug ourselves into a hole we never thought we could escape.

Just before Christmas, we had a house fire that left us living in a hotel room with a baby and a toddler. A week after the holidays our six-month-old niece died unexpectedly. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, we got the worse news of our lives: we were told that our baby boy was dying. It was every parent’s nightmare. I lived in the hospital with him for seven weeks, watching him endure several tests and painful procedures. Still, we received no answers.

The sudden loss of my income, coupled with medical bills—while still recovering from the devastating fire—was only the beginning of our financial downfall. Just as we were struggling to figure out how to get by, the teachers’ union went on strike. Now, instead of just worrying about growing financial debt, we were wondering how we were going to eat.

We felt like we were under attack, getting hit from all sides at once. The intense stress we felt had us heading straight for a divorce. At the time, claiming bankruptcy seemed like our only option. We prayed desperately for a way out of this mess.  We called our realtor and told him that we needed to sell our house immediately, so that we could pay off some of our debt. He listed our house; however, he also made some recommendations that opened my eyes to new possibilities.

That’s when our lives changed forever. With the right strategies and financial education I was able to reach a level of wealth and financial freedom I’d never dreamt about before.

I now own millions of dollars worth of real estate, and my former husband and I were able to retire in our mid 30s.  Currently, I’m a single mom caring for two beautiful children.  My youngest has special needs; yet with my level of financial freedom I can cherish every moment with both my children.

You don’t have to become a millionaire to be financially free, but it does have its perks.  When you have the means to buy anything you want, your perspective about what’s most important changes.  I don’t have to focus on survival needs or even taking care of my house anymore; I’m free to be a great mom.

By educating myself financially, I became financially free. This freedom has taken away a lot of stress in my life; more importantly, it’s allowed me to help so many people worldwide.   As a family, we’ve travelled to Third World countries and built homes for families in need with our own money.  My children have learned the true meaning of compassion, and they’ve already learned how to make a difference in a very real way—this will stay with them forever.

Our lives haven’t been without trials in the past few years, despite our prosperity. In 2010, I was in a severe car accident with my youngest son. I almost died. While I managed to survive, I was left paralyzed. My doctors told me I would never walk again, but I didn’t believe them and kept fighting. Within six months, and with a lot of therapy and determination, I was out of the wheelchair. This fighting spirit also helped me recover from breast cancer. I’m grateful for my health, and my ability to continue inspiring and teaching others.

It’s amazing what can happen when you change your mindset and educate yourself. My hope is that you’ll choose to get educated, so that you can also make a positive difference, not only in your life, but the lives of others, too.

I hope you can make it to one of my events or seminars soon, where I’ll inform you about the strategies I used to achieve my wealth and prosperity.   I have a lot of valuable information to share with you. You too can live a life filled with passion and purpose.