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Savannah’s mission to help others live a life filled with passion and purpose has made a huge impact on many people.  Here is what they are saying about her….

Best-Selling Author Greg S. Reid (#1 Best Selling Author, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Filmmaker, Hand-picked by the Napoleon Hill Foundation) – www.alwaysgood.com


Rich Mom Testimonial – by Jacqueline Richards

Rich Mom Testimonial – by Kerry Tepedino

Rich Mom Testimonial – by J Shoop www.coachshoop.com

“Savanah Ross tells a good story. She’s engaging, compelling and interesting. Listen to what she says. It could change your life!”

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Michael Laine
President, LiftPort Group

“When Savannah speaks you can tell she is really courageous and a fighter. Her presentation is candid and genuine. What an Inspiration!”

Bonnie Kanner
President-Executive Producer
Shooting Star Entertainment, LLC

I have known Savannah for a few years now and she has put together an excellent program for finding the right real estate for you to financially succeed and make it a win-win scenario. Many have benefitted from her advice and her business savvyness. You should really talk to Savannah and get the best advice for real estate deals out there! Strike it while the iron is hot!!

Dr. Mak Jawadekar, Ph.D.

Savannah is an innovative and energy packed speaker who works tirelessly to help others meet their challenges. I have enjoyed her presentations and observed the positive impact she has on her audience. Savannah’s is creative, dynamic and full of integrity.

SO GRATEFUL for you and the difference you make!

Jenny Craig, LCSW, BCD
International Consultant/Author/ Speaker
2012 Neapolitan American Business Woman of the Year

Savannah Ross is a motivational speaker, mentor and a most inspirational person.

Her philosophy on life and continuing contribution as a mentor, provides wisdom and direction.

Often times people give up. But when Savannah puts her message in the context of making a contribution, it changes the perspective of everything one does.

Thank you Savannah.

Ron Klein, inventor of the Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card. www.4ronklein.com

We thoroughly enjoyed taking the course on real estate investment. Savannah made it clear and simple to understand, and with a personal touch so we didn’t feel we were part of thousands just hearing the same stuff. She gave us easy and useful tips and put the concepts into practical terms. We never missed a class and found we were looking forward to what we would learn next. We’ve come very close to purchasing our first investment property and will be confidently on our way very soon. Thank you for the valuable information!


Sue Alfawicki