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Troy White

Dave Alfawicki, Real Estate Investing Student

Hi Savannah,

I just wanted to quickly touch base with you. My mom, dad and I just finished the first mind set video lesson for week one. And, it was amazing! I’ve never seen my parents so hopeful for their future as I did tonight. It took us about 3 hours to get through the video. We kept pausing it to reflect on our lives and contemplate the thoughts and decisions that have lead us to were we are today. For the past few years I secretly feared that my mom and dad have given up on life. They didn’t seem content or fulfilled….it felt like they were just going through the motions…… waiting around for things to “possibly” get better – Tonight…. I realized that there’s still a fire burning deep inside them!

Thank you so much…I promise to keep you updated on our progress.

Take care… I hope you’re family is doing well.

Mark Ross

Hi Savannah,

Thanks again for helping me get started on my road to retirement and more time with my family! Hopefully my first purchase will be in the very near future.

I have a young family and I work away from home for half the year. Ever since I met my wife and we had our son Sammy(The second little one is on its way!!!) my goal has been to find a job near my home that will allow me to spent more time with them. Unfortunately I have tried unsuccessfully several times to start different businesses that will allow me to quit my job.

I always believed the rental market was good way to make money but didn’t have a clue about the business nor did I believe I had the money to get started. Well one day on my trip back to work I heard the amazing story about Savannah and her family. Since that lucky day I haven’t looked back. Just from hearing Savannah on the radio I had a very strong feeling that she was different from the other get rich quick courses available. Boy was I right, from this course I have learned everything I need to know about investing in rental properties with Savannah and her fellow students helping me along the way. Not someone hired to sit at a computer and answer my questions pretending to be Savannah.

I cannot wait to purchase my first property and continue purchasing properties until I am able to quit my job and be with my family full time. I am also confident that if I ever need advice or have questions as I move forward Savannah will be there to support me along my journey to retirement. Thanks Savannah you have changed my life!!!

Ryan B.
Saskatoon, Sk.

This was a great topic in the course and thank you for the great insights Savannah. you are a hands-on Mentor, a rare sight these days indeed!

Winston B
Peterborough, Ont.

Dear Savannah (Rich Mom),

Thank you! Thank you!

For over 30 years I have been dedicated to personal development and real estate specific learning.

I am a mentor, real estate sales coach, and branch manager of a very active Re/Max office I am always looking for new, positive learning experiences for my sales staff. Your introduction and explanation of the Rich Mom System to our two offices was just that.

You provide meat and potatoes information for real estate investors, sales people, and mortgage professionals, hoping to raise their real estate I.Q.’s.

My wife and I are graduates of the Rich Mom program and highly recommend it to people interested in Canadian real estate investments.

Michael W. Kelly,
Broker, Branch Manager
Re/Max Affiliates Realty Ltd.

Everyone has a plan to take courses or seminars to better themselves – read ads, notices, listen to friends exaggerating the benefits of this seminar, this course and of course the options are endless.

But once and a while something catches your eye because the particular subject was tucked in the back of your mind waiting to come out. The Rich Mom Success System did just that. A colleague sent me the notice through her newsletter and I was totally intrigued: Canadian, in Ottawa, hands-on, 8-weeks, questions-answers web page – how much more personal can you get. I was hooked, took the course and never looked back. Rich Mom is everything she said she is and more. She walks the talk, is there for you and knows the subject. I learnt so much every week, did the homework and went out there and interviewed my Team, did the work and felt really good about myself.

This is not “a jump up and down on your seat and clap your hands while the guy on the stage feeds you tons of words”, this is listen to your homework, do what you are asked to do and research to be able to report back. When you are finished the 8-weeks you are a Real Estate Investor and nothing short of that. This is the real thing and anyone wanting to do this as a business should take the Rich Mom Success System; there are no other courses but this one to get you where you want to go.

It is indeed the best course on the market Savannah!


Hi Savannah,

I am very pleased with the course so far. What I like best is that you keep it simple by talking about your own experiences and what has worked for you. As Erin pointed out in the recent interview, you don’t include a whole bunch of extra analysis and jargon that’s of no real use to us. I like things to be straight forward and systematic and this is the way you teach it.

What sets you apart the most I would say is the personal aspect of this whole course. It’s YOU teaching it, you’re accessible and available. Thank you for that. When I talk to my husband about something in the course, I always say “Savannah says…..”. Even my kids know who you are!

I also like the added mid-week interviews and videos you have posted with professionals and past students. These interviews are a real bonus to the program and give it that “real world” aspect. This teaches us the practical side of things, not only theoretical. Great idea.

Last but not least, you are very likable Savannah. You’ve got spunk, you’re honest and you have a quality about you that is very real and relatable. Let’s have a glass of wine together one of these days!


I stumbled upon the Rich Mom Success System purely by accident and suddenly it was like everything I’ve dreamed for myself was at my fingertips. I’ve been to many of these money-making seminars but knew this one was different because it was so geniune. Savannah Ross wasn’t hawking products at every turn, she spoke from her heart, and she ate dinner with every participant that wanted to join her even though she was terribly sick. I knew something was very unique about her and her program. She presented the information so calmly and matter-of-factly and without a ton of fan fare and it’s truly clear that she wants to help others become successful and wealthy. Her motives are purely angelic as she simply wants to make everyone rich so they can continue her efforts to improve the world around us by helping others. I’ve never seen anything like it….and that was the pre-show.

I signed against my better judgement because I knew the timing couldn’t be worse for me.

I was taking on a new job within days and still had to do the old job until a replacement was found. I’m a single mom with 2 small children and no family in Canada to help me but I knew that I had to do it – the urgency was so strong I couldn’t stand the notion of passing it up.

The course not only lived up to but surpassed my expectations. It’s been an incredible journey for me to finally find something that resonates in my soul and I truly feel that this will allow me to have the financial freedom to be a mother first and do the things that truly feed me instead of living in a blur and trading work for pay. I am motivated to find high equity, high cash flow properties and I can’t wait to replicate the formula she has devised so that I can give back by helping other single mothers do what I intend to do – realize their passion and dreams while putting their kids first.

Lynn McDaniel
Ottawa, Canada

Making money is easy and fun if you have a good teacher. Last year, I made over $160,000.00 running my own business. I was in kindergarten and only 5 years old.
Ryan Ross,
Real Estate Investor,
Business Man

I have taken other real estate investment programs from other experts in this field and although I’ve learned a lot, I found myself stuck when I had questions and not knowing were to turn. I found Rich Mom’s program easy to understand and very straight forward. Having someone there to help me when I was going through the stress of putting in offers and negotiating meant a lot to me. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering investing in real estate.

Kevin Drewlo
New Westminster, BC, Canada

The Rich Mom presentation left me feeling empowered, motivated, and ready to go make millions. It’s truly amazing to listen to Savanna’s story and would give anyone hope that you can make a great life no matter your current situation. What I loved most about Savanna is that she is a family women and it really hit home for me with a new baby. Thanks for a great idea!

Jenna Swinwood
Real Estate Broker

I cried when I heard your story because I had lost all hope. Thank you for letting me dream again. I am determined to be your best student ever. I take possession of my first property in 3 weeks and I can’t wait. I finally feel like I can do something right.
Carine Chapman, Chigago IL

As a single working mom, there was never enough time for my teenage daughter. I took the course becsaue I was tired of renting and wanted to buy a small house. After my first year, I have over 100 deals under my belt and I am excited about the futur instead of afraid. Thank you Savannah for beleiving in me.
Cynthia, Victoria, BC

As the american market became unstable, I was looking to our northern neighbours. What I learnt from Rich Mom not only helped me buy in Canada but also helped me aquire better deals right here at home. I recommend this program for anyone looking to create positive cashflow while leveraging other people’s money.
Rick Stein, Springfield, IL

I met Savannah through my job at a bank and without even knowing, I was helping her put into action a technique she teaches. We became friends and I realized that these are real people who actually care. I was a student of another real estate courses and those people could care less if their students succeeded, all they wanted was to sell another course so they left important info out. Savannah does NOT do that. After, well during , her course we bought our first rental and put offers on 2 other properties. Money is not holding us back as you might think it would. The real difference and benefit of joining Savannah’s Rich Mom course was her ability to teach smart and simple ways to change the way you think. It’s not about how you do.. rather how you think. No other course put it that way. We all have the talent to put her techniques into actions and if you need help, Savannah WILL help. She stands for integrity and just in case you were wondering…. she is nothing like the guru’s that want to sell to you, she wants to enable you. I recommend her course and her personally. Not even a month into the course and we have a high equity, high cash flow property and that’s exactly what we were supposed to do. Thanks Savannah and Dave, we are one step closer to quitting our day jobs.
Erin And Bruce Saunders

I used to think that I needed to have hundreds of properties before I could retire. I was able to quite my job after aquiring just two foour-plexes and now I can focus more time on building my portfolio. I am following in your footsteps and helping my children get set up so they will never have to be slaves like I was for 12 years woking for a corporation. I look forward to spending a week in the carribean and learning even more. Thank you for caring enough to share your secrets with me.
Marcus Neveer, Toronto, Cananda

Hi Savannah,
The feedback from the call has been fabulous! I appreciate the fact that you delivered real content to my list and people on the line really seemed to appreciate that as well.
Julie Broad

Having seen more than enough opportunities pass me by, I finally decided it was my turn. Taking Savannah’s program was a HUGE eye opener for me. Not only did I learn how simple it truly can be to get started, and leverage one property off of another, I also learned that right now is the PERFECT time to get started. I don’t want to let this opportunity pass me by. The tools I learned in Savannah’s program will finally help me build the net worth and lifestyle I have always wanted. If you are thinking about joining her program, STOP thinking about it and just do it. Our generation will never see another opportunity like the one we have before us right now. Get in on it, before it is gone forever! I look forward to sharing my newest numbers with you and showing you what is possible with Savannah’s system.

Thanks Savannah!
Troy White (Calgary, Alberta)

Savannah’s method of finding & buying great real estate deals parallels Warren Buffets method of finding or buying stock. Now we have the formula sitting right in front of us and it is like winning the lottery.

Sean & Traci Thompson, Remax Westcoast Agent

From the moment I began the course; my experience has been exceptional! Savannah not only provides extensive knowledge that is put in a simple form, she also goes the distance and helps her students to apply these skills in the real world. I have never met anyone who has the integrity and passion for teaching as Savannah. Savannah has taken my calls while out of town and gone the distance to make sure I am prepared for the challenges I face. She is truly and amazing women and it is because of her course that I am succeeding in real estate. Anyone who is serious about becoming a real estate investor will benefit greatly from this program.

Sally Wild, New Westminster B.C

I am in my fifth week of Savannah’s Realty course and I’ve had 2 offers accepted. The support and knowledge shared by Savannah and her team is superior and practical. Savannah rocks.
Norma M. Victoria, BC

Savannah has helped me realize that money is simply a tool used to create great things. Her guidance has helped change my mind set so dramatically that I can retire before I am 23. She mentored me through the entire process when I bought my first duplex at the age of 19 with an ROI of 14%. She continues to help me with property management issues, money management and increasing my investment portfolio.
Cody Wright

SuzanneWe would like to thank and acknowledge Savannah Ross for her assistance, guidance and expertise in enabling our daughter Suzanne to find and purchase her first home last year. Suzanne has the distinction of being the first of her high school grad class to purchase her first home, having just turned eighteen! Earlier last year, at Savannah’s direction and counsel, our son also purchased his first rental properties.

Qualities such as honor, integrity and trust are not words or concepts that describes Savannah. They are, instead, who she is. As parents, we are extremely proud of our children’s achievements. We are also mindful of how Savannah assisted them in taking this first of many steps towards financial independence.

Bernie and Valerie Wright
Summerland, BC